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We are a digital marketing agency & website development company in Dhaka Bangladesh providing creative solutions for companies ranging from start-up to big brands.

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About Company

Roopokar is a full service advertising agency headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We had started digital in mind but with the time the canvas is widened as full service advertising agency. Known as the best web design company in Bangladesh. We are strategists, designers, producers and technologists who share a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging user experiences, meaningful relationship with brand and consumer.

  • We strongly believe in research and innovation.
  • We have proper Insight and experience about marketing.
  • We use cutting edge technology for any solution.
  • We prioritize business needs most.
  • Analytics and reports for pinpoint measuring.
  • Collaboration of all discipline is our culture.
  • Adaptive and human centric UX & UI design.
  • We deliver what we promise.




Featured Projects

Roopokar have the privilege to serve around 200 clients around the globe.
Group of Companies, Agencies, Startups, NGOs, Government in every sector we have worked with several big names.
Our clients are like our partner. We work together to accomplish common goals.

What Our Clients Say

See what our clients give us back. We want to share the happiness with you.

  • Efficient, Professional, Pledge, Creativity, Unique, Content and Pricing are just a few great attributes Roopokar Creative Studio. It keeps the word and delivered on as promised. It has been a great pleasure to work with you in our company’s group website. Once our website was up and running, we had innumerable clients questioning about who designed our site, and a large portion just committing on how clean, precise and original
    it was. We have continued to get numerous greetings on your effort.

    Kazi Md.Abul Hassan
    General Manager

    Partex Star Group
  • Roopokar Creative Studio is professional, quick and they fulfilled every requirement for our website. They always listen to me with any questions and alteration. They are prompt to reply and respond. I truly recommend Roopokar Creative Studio to others.

    Ali Asgar

    Akij Ceramics Ltd.
  • We contracted Roopokar Creative Studio in response of very strong recommendation from our beloved colleagues. Our goal was to make an interactive website for our group of company. From the beginning to end our experience with Roopokar Creative Studio is extremely fabulous. Mr. Ahmed Murad Chowdhury the creative director was actively engaged with us throughout the whole project and developed us a state of-the-art website.

    Ameen Mahmood
    Asst. Manager, Branding, R&D

    Ahsan Group
  • Crafting and developing my website from Roopokar Creative Studio was a great experience. My customer relation has been improved by 65 percent. The competence and dedication towards customer satisfaction I received from Roopokar Creative Studio is really incomparable. I am highly recommending Roopokar Creative Studio to you guys for its great work ethics.

    K.M. Rezaul Karim
    Manik Manager ARC & IT

    Ezzy Group
  • Roopokar Creative Studio has been an esteemed web development asset me. They are tremendously professional to work with, and their work displays their creative aptitudes and great devotion to detail. They have come across my expectations when comes to their timely completion of the projects. I exceedingly recommend Roopokar Creative Studio as a firm for your website solutions, and would be happy to work with them on future web projects.

    Maruf Akter Mannan
    Executive Director

  • Roopokar has been an entire pleasure to work with: patient, kind, informative, creative and efficient. Roopokar Creative Studio is truly an expert in his field. Thank very much you for facilitating AG agro grow to the next level in the market.

    Liton Sarkar
    Sr. Manager, HR & Admin

    AG Agro

Our Clients

It’s our pleasure to show you projects successfully delivered to our honorable clients.
We feel happy to see succeed our client what they deserve and proud to be a part of their success.

Services we are best at

At a time when simplification is essential, marketing is becoming increasingly complex. It not only requires an original idea and the right strategy,but the capabilities to make it all come to life in a relevant, influential and easy-to-understand manner across markets.

We serve all industries

We have developed our expertise of website development and digital marketing in different sectors and now confident enough to provide the best solution for you.

B2B Website Design

The website is the center of the B2B selling universe. Not a single sell happens in B2B without your prospects hitting your website.
More about B2B website Development >

B2C Website Design

Making a connection with potential and current customers is an essential part of B2C web design.
More about B2C website Design >

eCommerce Development

eCommerce is the future of any business if you are thinking to sell online.

More about eCommerce Website Development >

Government Website Design

We ensure the complete secure website so that sensitive government information can be kept safe..
More about B2B website Development >

Corporate Website Development

Corporate website is a way of presentation of their own image towards the world.
More about Corporate Website Development >

Financial Website Design

Trust worthy design is the best way to represent your name as financial institution. We can design your website that shows credibility.
More about Financial Website Design >

Luxury Website Design

We know that luxury brands are conceptually different and require a specific approach to brand management.
More about Luxury Website Design >

Medical & Biotech Website Design

We pride ourselves on our thorough understanding of the medical & biotech business of our customers, allowing us to develop original resolutions that promote their objectives.
More about Medical & Biotech Website Design >

NGO Website Design

NGO’s want to make a professional impression towards donor and raise money as well as displays their current projects need a site that will inspire confidence and create interest.
More about NGO Website Design >

Fashion & Beauty Website Design

The website is the center of the B2B selling universe. Not a single sell happens in B2B without your prospects hitting your website.
More about Fashion & Beauty Website Design >

Start-Ups & Small Business

A website can help get your name out, inform potential customers and investors.
Start-Ups & Small Business website development >

Publication Website Design

We can put your thought in a stunning design with sophisticated content that enhance great virtue to your business.
Publication Website Design >

What is Going On

We love discussing about Technology, Branding, User Experience,
Website Development, Digital Marketing techniques and news.
Be in touch with us to know what is going on in the industry today.

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